August 19 2014, 7pm

O)( my cod I )(avent seen you in forever a)()()()(! I got lost at sea! Im sorry, Waterstrider!



jesus fef its been a million years since ive seen you

did you have some fun adventures out at sea though

i mean its great to see you but sea adventures

[[Oh my god I’m so sorry for just, not talking to you and ahhhhh now I feel guilty]]

Nooo, t)(ey make me feel closer to you…….

[Blushing Fef adjusts her shades like yeah Im not blushing stupid sunburn on my face.]

If you are )(anging off t)(e world t)(en I need to take you so you can be facing t)(e rig)(t wave pike me!


[What. WAIT WHAT. Oh no. Oh shit she knows exactly how to make you blush. Great.]

the right way pike you

well then come help me up miss superhero

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August 19 2014, 7pm



This wad of paper froze mid air, caught by purple strands of magic. The strands pulled it apart, ripping the paper into pieces. Followed up arranging them in the air so that what had been written was legible. To an extent.

Kurloz frowned. It felt like the wind was picking up, an ominous dark wind that was literally creating a haze around Kurloz. The process was repeated with the first wad that lay on the ground.

Why are you using pieces of paper to communicate. I can hear you just fine. My chosen name is Kurloz Makara and I do not know why I am here.

It seemed like grinding gears was the normal sound of his voice. Though it was less angry and seemed more like the gears where both going the same direction now.

"Well whoop de fuckin do. So another person who doesn’t know why the fuck or how the fuck they got here. Great."

He groaned and ran a hand through hi hair to make it fluff up. This is very rude he knows but he can’t help it. There have been hundreds of people that just wander through hi property and most are people that make his head and heart hurt.

So no, you’re not exactly good with people anymore. He opened up once and that shrank as time went on. Now he likes being alone and not around other people. Relatively understandable.

"Is there some way I can somehow kick you back to where you came from?"

Today is a good day. He’s not threatening too much and he’s not grinding out his words. He also isn’t yelling, screaming, crying or anything like that. So today is a good day. Sorta.

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August 19 2014, 6pm

I need to choose a pet name for you. Any ideas?



A pet name for me?
I don’t really have ideas.
I mean there’s probably some super cute ones out there.
Like you cutie.
[awkwardly blushes lightly]

=>Kiss him back to life

Baby come back


No it’s not working kiss me again.

[So smooth]

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August 19 2014, 6pm

{Royal AU} [unixnjack]


Arthur crossed his arms, staring intently at the boy. Boy, was he in trouble.

"I shall not repeat myself. Go inside this instant, servant."

He was getting angrier by the second. The Queen had an important day today, which was her birthday, and everyone in the kingdom was required to go.

"If you do not get up, I will force you back inside and have blood on the back of my palm from dragging you!"

Yeah, a little pissed. But still, he wasn’t having his attitude. He could maybe have the lights dimmed a bit, but that’s all he could do. The Queen was his #1 priority.

"The force me." 

Servant. The word rings in his ears and he stands, balling up his hands into fists. 

"I can’t stand it! The lights, the people. The Queen is the only person I respect. She’s the only person I’ve promised to follow."

When he was only a child, the queen a young girl, he saw her. Even then, even at age 6 he was working. Gardens, dishes, bedrooms. Everywhere. He seemed to appear and vanish like magic. Coupled with his eyes, well he avoided people in general until he accidentally bumped into her. That should’ve killed him instantly but he didn’t die. The queen saved him. And for that, he swore to follow her to his dying breath.

"None of the rest of you ever helped us out. The slums, the ground eating servants and slaves. The Queen is the only person any of us have any real allegiance to so no, I won’t go back inside. Drag me in of course."

A skinny child, barely getting enough to eat but still relatively well fed. But he knows that whatever the case may be, Arthur Kirkland would do anything necessary in the name of the Queen.

And Dave hated it.

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August 19 2014, 6pm

Let’s play a game!











Stand where you are, look around, and list whatever liquidy thing is closest to you. This is now your fanfic lube.


Nature’s Miracle “Just for Cats” stain and odor remover.

Celibacy is looking like a good option here.

Gin and tonic.  SEXY

100% pure acetone. I think I lose this game forever.

Cold tea. Um.

and I are in a pie shop and ours is fancy hot sauce. Um….

oh no, Windex

cold coffee

water. shower sex anyone?

August 19 2014, 5pm


im actually really afraid that no one will fall in love with me

August 18 2014, 8pm

{Royal AU} [unixnjack]


Her majesty, the Queen was seated in her comfortable throne as her right-hand man, Arthur, sat in the seat right beside her. His was also a comfortable throne-like seat, but not as large as hers. He rose his hand to the people on the floor, smiling a bit.

He made a pledge to the Queen, and noticed that a boy had slipped away from everyone else. He blinked and tapped the Queen’s shoulder to whisper into her ear, and then excused himself.

He tried to follow in the footsteps of the boy, but his long coat prevented him from doing so. So, he had to try and follow him outside, where he definitely knew he would be.

He noticed his head peeking up, and he pointed out the boy, getting closer to him.

Excuse me, you should not be out here during these periods. Please proceed back inside at once.

Somehow someone has noticed him and followed him out. At the words, he nearly snarled, only just holding himself back. He was human too. This wasn’t fair. But he restrained himself though his red eyes shone with a sort of anger, the kind that cannot be acted upon.

"I’m sorry sir but I can’t go back inside. It’s too bright."

He’s not technically lying. Those demon eyes were sensitive to light and he couldn’t really stand the bright glossy floors, the chandeliers, no, none of it. Not the vivid colors of the gowns or the flickering lights off jewels. He couldn’t stand to see it all.

"I’d like to be excused from this gala please. I’ll make up for it somehow." 

All the while he had kept his head low he now raised it to see who was addressing him. He did not gasp in shock or begin to profess apologies. No tears. He stared right at those emerald eyes and frowned. Of course it had to be England’s right hand man. He’d just back-sassed the near most important person of the country.

They were right. Dave Strider was a demon child with the worst of luck.

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