July 23 2014, 7pm

+1 God hates you he’s sent you a well dressed hot guy.


You were never super into art shows, like yes they were awesome, but they weren’t something you’d go to unless your assistant forced you to for good press or a business connection or something. Needless to say you were there and not exactly loving it. 

You were surprised when someone you didn’t exactly know approached you. These things were a were very clicky deal and to be fair, you weren’t in any of the “clicks” here. You were there to make an appearance, sip some good wine and leave.

But whomever approached you was attractive and you couldn’t help but stay at least long enough to get to know them. “This is your home?” you ask with a smile and look to the other up and down as discreetly as possible. You’ve been out of the game for a while though so it was probably… Very noticeable. “I could use some company.”

You quirk a smile, a real smile and not a smirk and nod. “It’s a mess but they still took it. A wonder of the universe, a mystery never to be unraveled.” Unfortunately, you were suckered into offering up your own house for the show and now it’s full of fancy smanchy people you neither know nor like but the stars and moon have taken mercy on you, though for the most part it doesn’t seem like mercy- Anyways, they sent you someone who didn’t seem like a rich snob and who looked to be decent company. Lucky you.

And he’s cute, how nice. You pick a delicate glass of wine off a tray from a passing waiter (some guy hopin to catch a few extra bucks) and although you can’t drink, that’s never stopped you before. It’s a very good wine since you only get the kind Roxy approves of and those are usually very high class. You take a sip and offer your hand to the man. “My name’s Dave Strider. Pleasure to meet you sir.”

Maybe you were right to accept the art show into your house. Too late to go back now anyways.

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July 23 2014, 6pm

; send me a url and i’ll talk about them.

July 23 2014, 6pm

Inbox kiss


Post these in my ask to see my muse’s reaction to your surprise kiss:

✎:Kiss at school

☯: Kiss on the forehead

✌: Kiss on the hand

ツ: Peck on the lips

✄: Kiss on the neck

☂: Kiss in the Rain

☃: Kiss in the Snow

❦:Passionate kiss

♫:Kiss on the nose

July 23 2014, 5pm

Write a Headcanon about my character




If it’s good, it will become official.

Oh pretty pretty please!!!! 


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