October 1 2014, 5pm

{Royal AU} [unixnjack]


Arthur could feel his heart twist in his chest. Fuck Dave, why’d you have to do this? He clenched his arm and looked to the Queen. “May.. may I be excused?” She nodded as he slowly rose from his seat, rushing outside once again.

Once outside, he looked around in desperate search for Dave. But, alas no sign. “Dave.. just, at least give me some kind of sign that you’re still here.” His voice was louder than he anticipated, shaking his head.

"Fuck, I’m.. I’m so stupid!" He went to the closest tree and sat down, his head resting on his knees. "Dave.. Dave please." He pleaded. "Just let me know you can still hear me.."

Under normal circumstances, he doesn’t sing. Not when pleaded or bribed or anything. Under normal circumstances, he doesn’t run away, doesn’t curl up and hide, doesn’t reject things with emotion. Clearly these are not normal circumstances. This enire week just wanted to fuck him over. First Roxy got sick and almost died, then Rose moved away and finally just the whispering. He learned to tune it out but when he was the center of attention, well hard to tune that out. 

So under clearly abnormal circumstace, he sang. It wasn’t persay melodic or anything but it had a steady hard beat that seem like a drum, or perhaps a pulse. Fast paced. It was rough but still clearly heard as his.

Sometimes you just gotta let go and lay down some sick rhymes. 

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October 1 2014, 5pm


░▒▓█ ⊰ Your shit is wrecked ⊱ ; 

 ❛Has it?

     you  dream bubbles, omnipotent spiders, green assholes,
     death of a universe, broken hearts, mad rap on the side of
     a death match to decide the tales of fate and other shit.
     to lay down some knowledge betwixt the sands of time
     long passed— in the words of his dogg square: whack


         ❛Yeah, way too long.

A bit yeah." To be honest he just slipped your mind when he was gone but now that he’s here again, you can feel a tiny ache in your chest. Maybe you didn’t realize consciously that was wasn’t there but you figured that somehow emotionally you did. Whatever, it’ll go away. "Come over and catch up with me. Promise not to wear flowers in your hair.”

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September 30 2014, 8pm

+1 broken heart

It’s rare to see someone out and about around here." Swinging your legs like a child, you look down from the perch of your tree branch and quirk an eyebrow.  "What’s up?" You suck at conversations yes but you also know that conversations will keep themselves up for the most part. Your hands still fiddle though and soon enough you’re plucking leaves from the branches and dropping them, watching them flutter down.

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